Bake-Along Panettone Workshop


Saturday, December 17th @ 4pm

Sunday, December 18th @ 10AM

Duration: 1 – 2 hrs each session



What’s Included

Join Chef Laura Bonicelli for a 2-part bake-along class. Learn to make the traditional Milanese Christmas bread and about variations that you may want to try on your own. The Class will take place via Zoom with multiple cameras to provide visual access to Chef Laura and her demonstration. 

Let’s Bake Together!

Chef Laura Bonicelli

Laura B&W Picture

Chef Laura Bonicelli brings 14 years of professional cooking experience and a lifetime love of cooking and recipe writing to the table.  She is the founder of the Bonicelli Cooking Club and developed the Mindful Mediterranean Program - an interactive Mediterranean diet "How to". 

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