Be a Star in Your Kitchen! 


You love food! Now – Become the cook you’ve always wanted to be.  I started this club for you! #cookbetter   Chef Laura


Yes, you will!

Shop Better

Learn to plan and buy the best- and use your ingredients effectively. Focussing on sustainable, local, and well-sourced.

Cook Better

Be inspired and become an inspiration to others with a great approach, technique, recipes, and information surrounding all aspects of cooking.

Eat Better

Cooking at home with ease and confidence will lead to a healthier lifestyle and body.  You can avoid unnecessary preservatives, additives, and toxins.

Live Better

Make food and a healthy lifestyle the center of your family and community.  Create and recreate your family's traditions. 

Yes, they do! 

Last week I realized that I am using almost exclusively Chef Laura Bonicelli recipes! Why? Because I can always trust that what I serve will be delicious. Laura tests her recipes so I do not have to. The Cooking Club and Minneapolis Farmers Market live videos are part of my weekly schedule. Chef Laura shares techniques and tips as well as cooking. Watching live gives me a chance to ask questions and get the answers in real time. So, so valuable. What a great resource and a wonderful public service. I am now an annual member of the Bonicelli Cooking Club. I recommend the Cooking Club for everyone who wants to serve delicious, healthy food, and improve their knowledge and techniques. Thanks Chef Laura!

One of my biggest concerns was that the information would be too advanced for me - or not advanced enough.  I think Chef Laura is correct.  If you love food - you belong here.  I have built on my skills and am cooking at a much higher level.


I love the club!  I joined in the beginning and have attended almost every single weekly webinar.  That's my favorite part - but also - I go back to "The Basics" course all the time.  I can never remember how to cut up a chicken - it's all right there for me.


I have a crazy schedule.  I joined the club for the Holiday Survival Tool Kit to help me navigate the season.  Not only did I go through that course, I also went through the entire Basics course and now I'm hooked on the 28-Day reset.  I can't wait to start Baking Basics!


This is How:

In-depth Video Lessons

Cooking is so much easier if you can see exactly what the technique is and what the final product should look like.  Cook as you watch.

Recipes and Downloads

I have an arsenal of recipes and information that I share lesson after lesson.  It's all on the site for you - searchable and downloadable.

Bi-weekly Content

We are adding to our lesson library on an ongoing basis.  We say every other week, but frequently it's weekly and sometimes more.


We love to stay in touch with weekly live webinars, Zoom office hours, local live-cooking events and a lively forum within the cooking club site.

Membership Options


What is the difference between the monthly and annual membership?

The only difference between the monthly and annual membership is the price.

How often is new content uploaded

New content is uploaded biweekly? 

What if I can't attend a live webinar?

All live content is recorded and uploaded in to the membership. 

How many lessons are in each class?

The classes contain as many lessons as are necessary to cover a subject.  Generally, they range from 4 to 15 lessons per class.

How long are the lesson?

All lessons are usually under 30 minutes.

Do I have to watch lesson in order?

Lessons are designed to be watched in order, but you can always jump around and repeat lessons if you want to.

What if I need to cancel?

You can cancel your membership at any time.  All content is available for paying members, so it’s all here – waiting for you – when you rejoin.  Aside from access to content, on-going membership includes live-webinars, office hours, and immediate access to new content.  To cancel, send us a message through the chat (in the lower right-hand corner of the site) or email

What if I have questions, problems, or don't understand something?

Members can always chat, email, through the website.  Office hours are weekly for members and a great place to discuss any issues personally with me! 

Become an inspired, organized, and confident cook – now!

You can’t wait to be a star in your own kitchen!  Right?

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