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You love food! Now – become the cook you’ve always wanted to be.  I started this club for you! #BeAStarInYourKitchen #cookbetter   Chef Laura


Do you find yourself:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, and exhausted by the cooking process
  • Un-inspired and not knowing what to cook
  • Buying food and throwing half of it away
  • Frustrated by recipes not turning out
  • Struggling with basic skills
  • Liking to cook but hating the planning, shopping, and cleanup
  • Wanting to be a good baker but tired of failing
  • Just wanting to have fun in the kitchen

Did you know that over 60% of Americans don’t feel competent in the kitchen? They aren’t comfortable with the simple process of frying an egg, making a pancake, or even a simple grilled cheese sandwich. Many of these same people love watching cooking shows, Instagram and ticktock food videos, and subscribing to cooking magazines. But, there’s a disconnect between being interested in cooking and actually cooking in their own kitchen for themselves and their family.

The fact is that Americans are cooking less than they ever have before. Take-out food, eating out, and in-home meal delivery have replaced home cooking. I am not alone in recognizing this as a problem. Restaurant owners across the country struggle with finding employees with basic cooking skills. Poor diet is the number one cause of poor health.

There are many reasons for this non-cooking situation, but my question is: Is this you? Then the Bonicelli Cooking Club is for you! 

Bonicelli Cooking Club is an online cooking school and community for home cooks looking to up their cooking game with inspiration, knowledge, skills, and great recipes. 

The club has hundreds of video lessons, recipes, downloads, and weekly live cooking webinars with Chef Bonicelli. It’s time to be a part of something special! Join the club!

Shop Better

Learn to plan and buy the best sustainable, local, and well-sourced ingredients. Master ways to ways to waste less and save money by using what you buy effectively and efficiently.

Cook Better

Enhance your cooking experience and become an inspiration to others by learning new and vetted culinary methods, techniques, and recipes.

Eat Better

Elevate your diet and improve your health by cooking at home easily and confidently. Learn how to avoid highly-processed foods, preservatives, additives, and toxins.

11 ways

Live Better

Make food and a healthy lifestyle the center of your family and community.  Create and recreate your family's traditions.

Hi!  I'm Chef Laura.

I'm the chef/owner of Bonicelli Cooking Club. I am known for my love of local, organic, and well-sourced food, as well as my expertise in navigating dietary preferences and issues. Between my meal delivery and catering business and my restaurant, I have over 13 years of professional cooking experience, and a life time as an avid home cook. I have written thousands of recipes.

In 2018,  I founded Bonicelli Cooking Club. I bring professional cooking techniques and knowledge, great recipes, and inspiration to home cooks and food lovers everywhere.

I love to cook and I want you to love it too! 

Join me in celebrating the art of cooking - you belong here! 

chef at the market

Here’s what you will get…

Hundreds of Video Lessons

We include video with every lesson. Cooking is so much easier if you can see exactly what the technique is and what the final product should look like.  

baked ricotta

Recipes and Downloads

We have an arsenal of recipes and information that we share lesson after lesson.  It's all on the site for you - searchable and accessable.

Bi-weekly Lessons

We add to our lesson library on an ongoing basis.  We say "every other week," but frequently it's weekly and sometimes more.

Laura Portrait1


We love to stay in touch with weekly live webinars, Zoom office hours, local live-cooking events, and bi-weekly Mindful Mediterranean Zoom calls when in session.

Access to the Mindful Mediterranean

Quarterly Live Sessions

Are you ready for a new relationship with food?

Our most popular program Mindful Mediterranean

(a mediterranean diet how-to) runs live sessions every quarter.

The next "Mindful Mediterranean" live sessions begin on October 1st at 5 pm CT.








Take their word for it…

One of the biggest benefits of the Bonicelli Cooking Club membership is access to instructional webinars and a vast library of informative videos. Chef Bonicelli helps to demystify and simplify some of the more intimidating culinary techniques (from croissants to handmade pasta). I really appreciate the interactive opportunities – the ability to cook along, including asking questions in real-time during the webinars or even post-class zoom sessions where members can receive additional tips. Brava, Chef…and Grazie!


long-standing club member

Last week I realized that I am using almost exclusively Chef Laura Bonicelli recipes! Why? Because I can always trust that what I serve will be delicious. Laura tests her recipes, so I do not have to.  I recommend the club to everyone who wants to serve delicious, healthy food, and improve their knowledge and techniques. Thanks, Chef Laura!


long-standing club member

Jenna & I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves from start to finish – from your emails helping to prepare us before class to your natural flow of clear step-by-step informative conversational/video instructions, mixed with delightfully charming stories of your family. It was the perfect combination for creating a cherished memory for us and a wonderfully fun interactive-live cooking class from afar.

live pasta class

I have a crazy schedule.  I joined the club for the Holiday Survival Tool Kit to help me navigate the season.  Not only did I go through that course, I also went through the entire Basics course and now I’m hooked on the 28-Day reset.  I can’t wait to start Baking Basics!


long-standing club member, annual membership

I love the club!  I joined in the beginning and have attended almost every single weekly webinar.  That’s my favorite part – but also – I go back to “The Basics” course all the time.  I can never remember how to cut up a chicken – it’s all right there for me.


long-standing club member, annual membership

One of my biggest concerns was that the information would be too advanced for me – or not advanced enough.  I think Chef Laura is correct.  If you love food – you belong here.  I have built on my skills and am cooking at a much higher level.


long-standing club member, annual membership

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 7 Days

Spend some time with your membership. If it’s not for you, we’ll refund your money – in full – no questions asked.


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How often is new content uploaded

New content is uploaded biweekly.

What if I can't attend a live webinar?

All live content is recorded and uploaded to the Member Webinar Archive.

How many lessons are in each class?

The classes contain as many lessons as are necessary to cover a subject.  Generally, they range from 4 to 15 lessons per class.

How long are the lessons?

All lessons are usually under 30 minutes.

Do I have to watch lesson in order?

Lessons are designed to be watched in order, but you can always jump around and repeat lessons if you want to.

What if I need to cancel?

You can cancel your membership at any time. To cancel, send us a message through the chat (in the lower right-hand corner of the site) or email

All content is available for paying members, so if you choose to rejoin, it will be all here – waiting for you. Aside from access to content, ongoing membership includes live webinars, events, the Mindful Mediterranean live sessions, and immediate access to new content.

What if I have questions, problems, or don't understand something?

Members can always chat or email through the website. Additionally, members can attend the weekly “office-hours” call or schedule a private Zoom call with me.

Does the $5 ROAM include the Mindful Mediterranean recipes?

Yes, the $5 ROAM includes all of the recipes on the BCC website.

  Become a confident cook – now!

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