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Over the years, I’ve written over a thousand recipes, cooked for thousands of people, and trained many home cooks and culinary professionals.  Through it all, I have become increasingly aware that many people simply aren’t inspired to get into the kitchen and make cooking a regular part of their lives.  Even though there is a lot of information out there, they don’t necessarily have the knowledge, skills, or time it takes to enjoy the process. Experienced cooks have the same challenges, but they have learned to accommodate those challenges. That information is what I want to share with you. Membership in the club is designed to be inspirational, seasonal, and consistent. Not only will we address the basic and not-so-basic aspects of the home kitchen, but we are also going to explore wine, beer, cheese, and many other food-related areas. Do you have something you want to learn more about? I will work to include your interests in the club classes. Everything I do comes from the perspective of a professional chef who has been an avid home cook for 30 years.  Explore with me in the Bonicelli Cooking Club.

Buon Appetito!
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This is what I believe in – and why

Good Sources

You are what you eat!  Buying good food, local, organic, non-GMO. Sustainable is the foundation of all good cooking.  We provide a constant stream of information on what, how, and where to buy good food – and why it’s crucial.  

Good Health

I firmly believe that eating food without added salt, sugar, preservatives, antibiotics, and poisons will eliminate many difficult health issues.  There is only one way to know what is in your food – and that is to make it yourself.

Good Cooking

It’s easy to love something that you do well.  Sadly, culinary schools and even home-ec classes are disappearing in America.  We are experiencing not only a loss of culinary technique and application but also a tremendous loss of our culture.  

Good Community

Food is not just fuel. Food is about family, food is about community, food is about identity. And we nourish all of those things when we eat well.  Michael Pollan

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One of my biggest concerns was that the information would be too advanced for me - or not advanced enough.  I think Chef Laura is correct.  If you love food - you belong here.  I have built on my skills and am cooking at a much higher level. 


I love the club!  I joined in the beginning and have attended almost every single weekly webinar.  That's my favorite part - but also - I go back to "The Basics" course all the time.  I can never remember how to cut up a chicken - it's all right there for me.  


I have a crazy schedule.  I joined the club for the Holiday Survival Tool Kit to help me navigate the season.  Not only did I go through that course, I also went through the entire Basics course and now I'm hooked on the 28-Day reset.  I can't wait to start Baking Basics! 


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