Bake Along Croissant Workshop

Yes, you can make bistro-quality croissants at home! Just in time for the holidays! 

Watch each session live and we’ll send you the video link the next morning so you can bake along.

Each video will have jump-links so you can navigate the steps easily.

Single Croissant

Dec. 1st, 2nd, 3rd

online 6:30 pm CST

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The “Bake-along Croissant Class” is free for

all cooking club members.

Chef Laura Bonicelli

Laura B&W Picture

Chef Laura Bonicelli brings 12 years of professional cooking experience and a lifetime love of cooking to the table.  She is the founder of the Bonicelli Cooking Club.

Croissant making is about technique. There are only a few ingredients – it’s what you do with them that makes a perfect croissant. In this class, you will learn how to make croissants, hone your skills with each subsequent batch you create, and spot the difference between a good croissant and an exceptional one by understanding how the intricate pastry is constructed.  

Chef Laura

almond croissant

The Event

Join Chef Laura Bonicelli of the Bonicelli Cooking Club for a three-day live baking event.

Learn to make professional-quality croissants at home.

  • Dec. 1st – 6:30 pm: Class overview, Making the dough, ingredients, equipment, technique, and demonstration
  • Dec. 2nd – 6:30 pm: Laminating the dough, technique, and demonstration
  • Dec. 3rd – 6:30 pm: Baking the croissants, technique, demonstration, and wrap-up

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