Sharpen Your Knife Knowledge 

A free special presentation and live discussion that will answer all your questions about what is (or isn’t) in your knife drawer! – and what to do with them.

Thurs. Oct. 22

online 6:30 pm

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Maddie Jensen

Chef Laura Bonicelli

Maddie has worked in her family business, Eversharp since it opened in 2007.  In addition to managing,  she buys for the store and loves finding new products and testing knife lines to make sure they’re a good fit for Eversharp.

Chef Laura Bonicelli brings 12 years of professional cooking experience and a lifetime love of cooking to the table.  She is the founder of the Bonicelli Cooking Club.

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You will learn:

  • about the role of spices and seasonings in flavoring food

  • a little history

  • about toasting, roasting, and grinding

  • about "heat", how it's measured, how to introduce it into your dishes

  • about buying and storage

  • uncommon uses

  • about blends, rubs, and salts

You will get

  • course downloads
  • resources

What knives you really need.

How to buy.

How to store.

How to sharpen.

How to use.

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