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“The Basics of Cooking” Facts About Chickens”

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How to cut up an onion

Introducing “Mindful Mediterranean”

The “Mindful Mediterranean” program spans four weeks beginning on October 2nd, 2022.  The program is a mix of Video and bi-weekly live Zoom sessions with Chef Laura Bonicelli. Included are customizable menus and recipes all housed within the Bonicelli Cooking Club’s “recipe box”.

“Mindful Mediterranean” is designed to instruct, guide, and inspire you towards a joyful and sustainable healthy lifestyle. 

No points, no reoccurring monthly fees, no calorie counting, you won’t be tied to your phone or computer.

Here are the details:


Based on the much-lauded Mediterranean philosophy of eating

We are all familiar with the “Mediterranean diet”. Medical professionals overwhelmingly view this way of eating as being the healthiest on the planet. the “Mindful Mediterranean” program is based on that philosophy and delivers a simple “how-to” method that includes all cuisines and can be adjusted for all food preferences.


Exciting adjustable menus and recipes

Everybody has food preferences, and some of us even have food intolerances and allergies. We also have outside obligations that can make a “one-size-fits-all” menu unworkable. The menus written specifically for the program are completely customizable in the “recipe box”. You can pick from hundreds of options and even add in your own ingredients and recipes. The program also allows you to scale recipes and create shopping lists. 


All foods and recipes are divided into two simple categories

“Mindful Mediterranean” is all about knowing what to eat, and I promise you, you will eat well. We came up with a set of rules and two categories (Green and Blue) to put foods and recipes into to help you make your decisions. The whole plan fits on an 81/2 x 11” sheet of paper. It doesn’t get easier than that. From there, we make it even simpler by giving you menus and guidelines, so you’ll have a plan for each week and be able to make instant decisions about what you eat in any situation.


Evaluation and tracking tools

Our past experiences, changes in our bodies, events in our lives, even the passage of time has an effect on our attitudes towards and state of our health. We have created a workbook to help you to think about, write about, and talk about those significant influences, and chef Laura will guide you through it. This process will help you define goals that you can monitor and achieve using our program and tools.


Bi-weekly group coaching sessions

Research shows that accountability, consistency, and comradery increase your ability to achieve goals. In that spirit, you can choose between a morning and evening time for each of the “Menu Review Sessions” (every Sunday), and the “Accountability Check-in Sessions” (every Wednesday).


Mini classes to address special situations and circumstances

We all have our personal living situations and can be faced with all kinds of obstacles that can require some navigation skill to keep your participation in Mindful Mediterranean in place. To help with that, we’ll be scheduling a series of mini-classes throughout the program, some with additional necessary resources. Topics include “Planning and Cooking for a Family”, How-to Transport and Reheat Food – in the office and on the road”. “Cooking for one”, “Ignoring the good opinion of others – a polite guide to naysayers and food pushers”, and “Eating in Restaurants”.


Full access to Bonicelli Cooking Club during program

Mindful Mediterranean draws on many of the resources within the cooking club, therefore it makes sense to make all of the club’s content accessible to Mindful Mediterranean participants. You will have access to hundreds of hours of video, the entire recipe library, Saturday live cooking webinars, and more, for the duration of the program.

Are you ready to plan, cook, and eat with intention?


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