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The Mindful Mediterranean program is available exclusively to Bonicelli Cooking Club’s annual members. The program’s live sessions run quarterly for one month each in January, April, July, and October. The club lessons and materials are available to club members year-round. Sound interesting? 

Private Coaching

Need a little help? Private coaching happens outside of the scheduled group meetings and check-in sessions. The sessions are great for someone that wants to benefit from extra attention and guidance. While we never record the group sessions, sometimes one-on-one, person-to-person meetings are more appropriate for privacy. Schedule two private 1-hour  Zoom sessions with Chef Laura and get the guidance and help you need for your specific and personal situation. Private coaching is also really handy when you’re too busy or can’t make some or all of the scheduled group sessions.

Ready to Cook Package

Want a lot of help? Many of our busy members have told us that it’s not the cooking that holds them back; it’s everything that leads up to it. The planning, finding recipes, the lists, the shopping…etc. We can help with our “Ready to Cook Package.”  We’ll start with a one-hour call to discuss your situation and needs, and then we’ll create your tailored weekly menus, organize your recipe box in the cooking club for easy access, create your shopping list, and order the groceries for pick up or delivery.

Private Tune-up Calls

Now what? Once we complete the month-long live sessions, we have two months before the next live sessions start. We set up bi-weekly group Tune-up calls to help check in, share progress, and give and get ideas. Members find those calls very beneficial and necessary maintainence. You can use private Tune-up calls instead of or in addition to the group tune-up calls.

The next "Mindful Mediterranean" live sessions begin on April 2nd at 4 pm CT. All program materials and recordings are available now!








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