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Gina Vitali-Rasanen 1/16/23 #MastercookMonday

“Go Brunch or Go Home! This Super Bowl Sunday spinach (& ham) quiche is baked in an acorn squash bowl. It’s a real winner from @chefbonicelli.” Gina Vitali-Rasanen

Acorn Squash Spinach Quiche (recipe link) 

Jeanne's Bean Squash Soup

Jeanne Lukas 1/16/23 #MastercookMonday

“Roasted butternut squash, white beans (I use dry because I like the chew), leek, onion, sage, and greens ( I used kale). I used the liquid from cooking the beans and veggie stock. I could add more liquid now because it is almost a stew – very thick. Nummy and very satisfying.”  Jeanne Lukas

Anne and Scott's Party

Jeanne Lukas 1/2/23 #MastercookMonday

“I hosted a party for friends, now new Bonicelli Cooking Club members! Many of the foods I made came from the Holiday Survival Tool Kit Cookbook (in the club). Many other recipes came from Chef Laura’s inspiration and encouragement. So much was influenced by the BCC from “mise en place” to recipes. The event was a huge success; I had confidence in the planning and the food and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! It was a tantalizing and delicious ode to friendship. Chef Laura even showed up to help and help make the event a success!”

Jeanne Lukas

Cathy Omelet

Cathy Haukedahl 1/9/23 #MastercookMonday

“Hi Laura! You asked for photos, so here you go! This is your Spinach Frittata. I’ve meant to make it for ages and finally have an ovenproof skillet to cook it in! I substituted feta for Asiago and used unsweetened soy milk since Mark can’t eat cow dairy. He LOVED it!! Your recipes are the best! “

Cathy Haukedahl

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1/30/23 #MastercookMonday

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2/6/23 #MastercookMonday

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2/13/23 #MastercookMonday

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2/20/23 #MastercookMonday

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